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where can I find drainage plans for my house?

You might wonder about the importance of drainage plans for your home. However, drainage plans are utterly crucial to understanding the complete drain system that is under your property. With the aid of this plan, you can know about the structure of the drainage system, the position of the pipes, and the location of the surface water and sewer water. You will need these for a wide range of services. However, the most vital question is where can I find drainage plans for my house in Sydney?


What Must The Drainage Plan Include?

There are some things that every drainage plan must include at all costs. Without these particular things, all the drainage plans are incomplete, so let us tell you about them.

Surface And Underground Drainage

Your home drainage plan must show all the locations where drainage pipes are installed, both on the surface and the underground. Call our expert for Blocked Drains Central Coast, We offer quick drainage solutions for residential and commercial premises.

Interceptors & Infrastructure

All the key features of your house’s site must be shown on the plan. It includes soakaways, stormwater attenuation, interceptors, and other items.

Above Ground Gradients

This part of the plan will show how the water will flow above the ground and where it is going to be connected to underground pipes.

Before you think of it – where can I find drainage plans for my house? You need to know what it contains.

An efficient private drainage plan must have the general design of the property with the location of all the drains. Moreover, it must also point out the position of the sewer and surface water drains. Other drains such as storage areas, effluent tanks, sewer plans, etc. must also be marked. Check out the things that you can find in a drainage plan.

  1. Material and diameter of the pipework
  2. Home drainage system
  3. Septic tanks
  4. Details on soakaways (depth, position, and construction)
  5. Drainage layout along with a clear indication of the access points
  6. Storage areas to keep the wastes, raw materials, etc
  7. Bunded areas, along with their capacity
  8. Position of emergency instructs such as drain covers, etc.
  9. Mains water supply
  10. Discharge points from the site
  11. Location of sensitive areas

What is a drainage diagram?

drainage diagram

A drainage graph is an authority report held up with your state’s water board. It shows the fundamental design of your property and the area of its lines, including where it associates with the principle drainage framework. The outline shows the format of your property and where pipes and the principal water framework are situated.

How To Find The Drainage Plan for Your House?

Are you wondering where can I find drainage plans for my house? There are multiple ways that you can gain access to these plans. These include –

Local Water Authority

You might want to get in touch with the local water authority. However, it is highly unlikely that you will get the private drainage plans of your property from here. Moreover, you will have to pay a specific fee for these plans. Furthermore, these plans generally have the position of the main drains on the road.

Talk to Your Neighbours To Know where can i find drainage plans for my house

Are you thinking about where can I find drainage plans for my house?

Well, you can ask your neighbors about the Drainage Issues and location. Surprised? It is actually true. If you and your neighbors share the same private drainage systems, then they can have your drainage plans too. In the same way, if your house is on a private lane, then you can contact the residents association for access to the drainage plans.

Get it From The Council

The best chance you have of gaining access to your drainage plans is the local council. If they are present there, then they will be found in the archives. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the administration fee for this.

However, remember that the drainage plans you get from the council might not match actually what is preset. It is because there is no department that updates drainage plans in the council. Moreover, chances are you have installed or relocated drains. It is not possible to send an update draining plan after every modification.

Contact The Previous Owner To Know where can I find drainage plans for my house

One of the easiest ways that you can find the drainage plans is to ask the previous property owner. They may have all the building regulations, permits, and draining plans.

Hope this answers the question – where can I find drainage plans for my house?

Note: There is absolutely no obligation to submit your private drainage plans anywhere officially.

What Else You Can Do For Where Can I Find Drainage Plans for My House?

It is vital that you locate the drainage plans of your house. It will come in handy for various types of purposes. Moreover, the details will help the workers to conduct the service with efficiency. However, if you have issues or questions pertaining to this topic, you can get expert assistance. They will explain implicitly.

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