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Hot water is one of the most essential components in any household. Without the continuous supply of hot water, it becomes impossible to function properly. Whether it be cooking, showering, or cleaning, you need hot water for everything. However, we often take it for granted and forget its importance. In order to ensure the safety of your family, the tempering valve plays a critical role. Are you wondering what is a tempering valve?

What is a Tempering Valve?

Before you understand anything else, you must know what is a tempering valve. It is responsible for the mixing of the cold water with the hot water at the temperature of your choice. Then, it is going to showers, sinks, etc. This way, you can get comfortably warm water and prevent scalding.

How Does a Tempering Valve Work?

If you are wondering what does a tempering valve does, it actually mixes the cold and hot water to produce a safe water temperature. As per the Australian Standard AS3500.4.2 Clause 1.6., the water temperature must not be more than 50 c. However, in order to combat the development of legionella bacteria within the tank, the temperature must be at 60 c.

Well, it allows the water inside the tank to remain at 60 c, but when it flows out, it mixes with the cold water to get the temperature of your desire.

What Does a Tempering Valve Look Like?

Are you curious about what does a tempering valve looks like? There are two inlets – hot and cold on either side of the valve. Underneath, the mixed outlet is present, and on the top, you will find the temperature adjustment.

Location of the tempering valves

You can see the tempering valve on the external body of the hot water system. It is usually installed between the hot water and cold water line. It is because the cold water enters via the cold water inlet and then flows to the tempering valve. After that, it blends with the hot water, and the tempered water is then released everywhere in the house.

Types of tempering valves

Simply knowing what is a tempering valve is not enough. You must also know about its types. There are distinctly four types of tempering valves. These include –

  • Orange Cap – It is best for the heat pump and solar hot water systems.
  • Blue Cap – It is perfect for electric hot water systems.
  • Black Cap – It is suitable for large-capacity hot water systems.
  • Green Cap – It is fitting for the gas hot water systems.

Is It Compulsory to Install a Tempering Valve?

Whether or not you need a tempering valve depends on where you stay. For instance, in Australia, it is compulsory. Here, every household must have a tempering system installed on the hot water system. In compliance with the Plumbing Code of Australia, the tempering valve must be efficient and functioning.

Can you Install the Tempering Valve Yourself?

No, in Australia, it is not legal to install the tempering valve yourself. Here, only licensed plumbers are allowed to install the valve in the houses. It is mainly to ensure the safety of your family members. Moreover, without extensive knowledge and technical training, you have the risk of having grave injury if you are not careful.

Are the Tempering Valve and Thermostatic Mixing Valve the Same?

No, the tempering valve and thermostatic mixing valve are not the same. Though both valves work towards maintaining the desired temperature, there are still some differences.

The thermostatic mixing valve or TMV is much more accurate and can modify the temperature 1℃ +/-. In the case of the tempering valve, the accuracy is limited to 3℃ +/-.

Tempering valves are mainly used in homes. But, the thermostatic mixing valves are found in hospitals, old-age care centres, hotels, nursing homes, schools, childcare centres, etc.

Moreover, the thermostatic mixing valve is much more expensive in comparison to the tempering valves. Also, the plumber must have a specific license to install the TMV.

How Much Does Cost?

Do you want to know how much does a tempering valve costs? In Australia, a tempering valve can cost approximately $100. However, the price can differ based on the brand, quality, etc.

Having Issues With the Tempering Valve? Get Expert Aid Now!

A tempering valve is one of the most essential components in our daily lives. However, issues with it can lead to a potential for serious injuries. You run the risk of scalding and burns. However, in order to avoid that hassle, you must know what is a tempering valve and other details. But, to fix the problem, you must call in the experts immediately.

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