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What is a Meter and Its Types

If you have recently acquired a home and want to grasp all about plumbing, you must first know about the meter. Are you wondering – what is a meter? In simple terms, it is a device that lets you keep a track of the bill and get an accurate reading. There are different types of meters for the house, namely gas meters, and water meters.

Types of The Water Meter

When it comes to the water meter, there are different types available. There are three main kinds, namely Velocity Meters, Positive Displacement Meters, and Displacement Water Meters. If you want to know more about – what is a meter, then the following information is crucial.

  • Velocity Meters

The velocity meters measure the speed of the flowing water. After the velocity is measured, it is converted to either cubic feet or gallons. Both are units related to volume. The best part about these meters is that they can be subjected to calibration. It means that there is the possibility of adjustment for an accurate reading.

  • Positive Displacement Meters

These are the most popular types of water meters available. They measure low water volumes that have a decreased flow rate with enhanced accuracy. It is composed of high-impact plastic, stainless steel, and brass. If the measurement is lower than 1/10 of a gallon, then an effective sweep hand is used to register the movement.

  • Displacement Water Meters

The measurement of water in a particular space is done. Here, the flow of water displaces the water meter as per the water volume. The water is measured in either cubic feet or gallons. A mutating disk or a piston dictates the direction of the magnet. It is this magnet, which causes activation of the register of water volume.

What is a Meter

Types Of Gas Meter

There are mainly three types of gas meters. These include –mass flow meter, positive displacement, and velocity flow meter. If you are eager to know more about it.

Mass Flow Meter

As the name mentions, the mass flow meters measure the amount of mass flowing across the meter. It is of two types – thermal mass flow meters and Coriolis flowmeters. You can opt for any of them, depending on your preference and requirement.

Positive Displacement Meter

In the PD gas flow meter, the fluid must displace the components and then measure the flow in units of volume. While accuracy is not an issue, the user must take into consideration temperature and pressure compensation. You must also take into account gas cleanliness.

Velocity Flow Meter

In the case of the velocity flow meter, the rate of the gas flowing across the meter occurs. There are three types available. It includes – vortex gas flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, and turbine flow meters.

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