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Why Does Water Leak From Fridge 5 Solution To Fix It

Do you know what causes water to leak from the fridge? Water leak from the fridge can lead to a wide range of consequences – from accidental falls to potential damage to the foundation of the house. This is why water leakage from the refrigerator is more than a common plumbing issue. Let us tell you that this problem is normal and often you have to face it. But here our plumber has brought 5 great tips and ideas for you which you can follow to fix the issue by yourself.

The importance of investigating the pools of water surrounding the fridge is paramount. You might ponder – why does water leak from the fridge? There are various causes that can lead to such leakage. While you can fix some of them, others might need the assistance of experts. If the issue persists, it is better to call the professionals.


How To Stop My Refrigerator/Fridge From Water Leak

There are various reasons that can contribute to the leak from the fridge. To know the solution, you must also be aware of the causes. Check out the top 5 solutions that can help you to make the necessary repairs.

  1. Clear The Clogged Defrost Drain

Within the freezer, there is a drain that enables the exit of humid air. But, if this drain is clogged due to debris or other items present inside the freezer, then the condenser coils start overworking. This results in a water leak in the fridge.

To solve this issue of water leaking from the inside fridge, you must first clear the items that block the passage between the drain and ceiling. Then, you must unplug the fridge and detach the cap from over the defrost drain. The best way to get rid of the clogs is to pour hot water down the drain.

  1. Incorrect Tilting is The Reason For Water Leak From Fridge

Another reason for the water leak from the fridge is improper tilting. You might not know, but your fridge must be slightly tilted towards the back. It is to ensure that the coolant can function with efficiency.

The best way to fix this issue of water leaking from the fridge onto the floor is to alter the length of the front legs. For this, you will need the assistance of a crescent wrench. Make sure that you get the correct tilt angle.

  1. Fix The The Frozen or Clogged Water Supply Line

The water leakage can also be due to the blockage or freezing of the water line that feeds the water dispenser or the ice maker within the fridge. Before you start anything, make sure to unplug the appliance. Observe if the leak is at the connection points. If it is, then you can use a wrench to tighten them.

However, if the problem does not resolve, you might need to replace the entire water line. If you are confident about your plumbing skill, you can do it yourself. But, if you are not, calling in the professionals is the better decision.

  1. Check Cracked Drain Pan and Fix

It is quite normal for a refrigerator to produce some water. Usually, it is transported to the drain pan, where it evaporates. However, sometimes it can develop cracks. This may cause a water leak from the fridge.

If you want to fix this, first of all, you must identify the drain pan. It is the large pan that is present at the bottom of the appliance. Take it out and purchase another one similar to the model. Now, you must replace it to fix the water leaking from the fridge bottom.

  1. Replace The Poor Door Gaskets

When the outside air enters the refrigerator via the worn door gaskets, it causes moisture within the fridge. As a result, the water flows to the drain pan and causes it to overflow. When that happens, you notice the puddle of water.

The only way to fix this is to put in new door gaskets. Additionally, you can also ensure that the bolts responsible for keeping the door of the fridge remain tight.

Having a Hard Time Repairing The Leakage From The Fridge?

Water leak from the fridge can be due to a lot of reasons. You must diagnose the exact cause before trying to fix it. It is vital that you follow the instructions rigidly for a successful repair. However, in some cases, you might not be able to fix it. Instead of attempting anything drastic, calling in the experts is the best decision.

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We Have Some Of Your Important Question Regarding Water Leaking From Fridge

1. How Do I Stop My Fridge From Leaking Water?

If your fridge is leaking then, the first thing that you need to do is locate the cause of the leak. You must inspect your whole fridge to identify all the areas from where the water is leaking. Once you find their location, then you can call experts to repair the leak for you.

2. Is Water Leaking From The Fridge Dangerous?

Water leaking from the fridge is one of the most common problems that people face. This is not a serious problem as the most common cause for water leak is clogged defrost lines. These lines are responsible for draining away all the water, so it is not very dangerous.

3. How Do You Unclog A Refrigerator Drain Tube?

To unclog a refrigerator drain tube, you need to insert a flexible tube into the drain opening. Once you have inserted it then, you need to keep pressing the tube gently. You need to make sure that you press the tube until it comes out from the other side to unclog the pipe.

4. Where Is The Defrost Drain On A Refrigerator?

In most of the refrigerator, defrost drain is normally located at the back wall of the fridge. Although some models might vary depending on how they work. To locate the drain pipes, you can also refer to the user manual that you get with the fridge.