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When the shower suddenly stops working, or the hot water system breaks down, the first thought that comes to your mind is to call a plumber. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest worries you must have is the plumbing costs. You need to at least have an idea about the current market rate and then compare it with the quality of the services. While there are several factors that can influence the price rate, it is advisable to make yourself more knowledgeable. For that, we have simplified the total plumbing costs, breaking them down into several sections.

Plumbing Costs Explained
Plumbing Costs Explained

Call Out Fee

Also known as the attendance fees, call-out fees are a must that all plumbers charge for their services. To you, it might seem like an extra charge that is being pinned without any reason. However, that is not the case.

Call-out fees are a critical part of the plumbing costs. These fees cover the petrol cost, the time it took to make the journey and the cost of using the equipment pieces for a preliminary investigation. After this, the plumber will offer an approximate price quote.

Though homeowners tend to misunderstand call-out fees as unnecessary, that is hardly the truth. By charging the call-out fees, the plumbers maintain honesty and don’t feel the need to increase charges in other areas such as repair, maintenance, or installation.

Fixed Price Rates

Are you thinking about how much do plumbers cost? Well, in most cases, they either charge by the hour or have fixed price rates.

Earlier, plumbers used to opt for the hourly charges, but nowadays, the fixed price quotes are prevalent. The reason behind this new strategy is rather simple. Plumbing companies have full confidence in their certified plumbers to complete a certain task within an estimated timeframe. That is how they set the charges.

As for customers, fixed price rates come with benefits. For instance, the rates don’t charge just because it’s a Sunday or a public holiday. These rates are the same all throughout the year.

Moreover, these plumbing costs are not some made-up figures conjured to make heavy profits. In fact, most of them are deduced from national averages.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge Per Hour in Australia?

Are you wondering – how much do plumbers charge per hour in Australia? Well, it varies depending on the region and several other factors. Generally, plumbing costs per hour in Australia can be anywhere between $70-$90.

Factors that Influence the Plumbing Costs

The plumbing costs for a new house depend on a wide range of factors. These include –

  • Location: One of the most crucial factors that decide the plumbing costs is location. It is true that plumbing price rates are not the same throughout Australia. Depending on the region and population, the charge may increase. The general rule is that the more densely populated an area is, the higher the plumbing charges.
  • Service type: Another parameter that you need to consider while thinking about the plumbing charges is the job type. It is inevitable that fixing a leaky tap is not equivalent to checking out the gas leak of a hot water system. Based on the severity of the service, the plumbing costs may change. Moreover, you also need to keep in mind that roof plumbing, sewage treatment, and other services will vary in fees.
  • Experience: Plumbing companies with certified, trained, and experienced plumbers are likely to charge more than others. It is mainly because the accreditations carry weightage and speak for the talent and skill of the plumbing professionals. It also gives a sense of security to the homeowners. That is why most of them tend to go for the experienced ones.
  • Materials: The materials used for the plumbing service can influence the plumbing costs greatly. If the professional uses high-quality materials, then the overall price rate will obviously go up. However, you can also buy the materials yourself, and then the plumber will simply fix it for you. If you are not too sure, you can always opt for recommendations from certified plumbers.
  • Equipment pieces: There are various types of tools and devices that a plumber needs to fix the issue. The more sophisticated equipment the plumber has to use, the more will be the overall plumbing costs.

Emergency Plumbing Price Rates

Now that you know how much plumbers charge per hour, we can talk about emergency plumbing services.

Some plumbing service providers charge extra fees for after-hour services. For example, if you are not aware, then you might have to pay more for calling the experts at the crack of dawn. Just to be sure, call in plumbers at odd hours only if it’s an emergency that can’t wait till the normal business hours.

However, there are some plumbing companies that offer 24/7 plumbing services. In that case, you don’t have to worry about extra fees for calling in their services at midnight. You can get in touch whenever you want, irrespective of the hours.

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There are various causes that can lead to the need for a licensed plumber. For instance, you might need a professional to take a look at your leaking faucet. Or there may be an issue with your hot water system. No matter the cause, you must take quick action and call in the experts immediately. The more you delay, the higher are the chances of the issues worsening even more.

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