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There are various types of gas ovens available in the market nowadays. Though automatic lighting of gas is prevalent now, most of the older models need you to manfully light the gas oven. In these models, the oven displays a small base flame which is called the pilot light.

Now, there are two distinct cases – one where the pilot lights continuously burn at the lowest level. Thus, when you turn the oven on and more gas comes in contact with the flame, the oven burner lights up. In the other scenario, the pilot lights burn only if the oven is turned on.

If this is the type of appliance you have, you have to light up the pilot every time for usage. Do you want to know how to light a gas oven?

Expert Light A Gas Oven

Steps to Light the Gas Oven

There are several types that you must follow to light up the gas oven. Are you eager to know how to light a gas oven? Take a look at the steps compiled below to know the exact procedure.

Step 1: Turn the gas stove off

The foremost step involves turning off the knobs of your gas oven to the “off” position. Observe if there is any smell of gas in the air before you proceed with the next steps. If you don’t know what the off position is, make sure that you turn the knobs fully to the right. Moreover, you must also see that the dial is in the upward direction.

Step 2: Take all possible safety precautions

It is necessary that you put safety first before lighting up the gas. You must ensure that the kitchen has proper ventilation. It is vital that there are no traces of gas in the air.

It is a matter of real concern if you have been trying to light up the oven for some time, along with turning off and on the knobs.

In order to ventilate the kitchen properly, you can open the windows. Wait for some time to ensure that any lingering gas dispels out.

Step 3: Locate the hole of the pilot light

In the next step, you will have to locate the hole in the pilot light. For this, make sure that you open the door of the oven and lock it.

It is vital that you locate the pilot light hole beforehand so that the gas doesn’t run while you are trying to locate it.

The position of the hole is generally near the door, in the center front, or at the back corner of the oven. This is an important step in – how to light a gas oven?

Step 4: Clean the surrounding area of the pilot light hole

Now, take a microfiber cloth and clean the grease build-up around the pilot light hole. It is vital so that these materials do not get burned and cause a fire breakout accidentally.

Step 5: Turn the knob on

After that, you must push the knob of the oven and turn it. You must keep the hold until the pilot light is lit. Then, turn the knob towards the left direction, where you will observe the flame symbol.

Tip: Since there are various types of models, some may have a flame sign while others may have temperature numbers.

Step 6: Light up the pilot light

Now with one hand on the oven knob, you must use the other one to light up the pilot light. For this, you can use a long match or lighter.

Step 7: Hold the oven knob for some time

Make sure that the pilot light remains on for about 10 seconds. Then, you can make the temperature adjustments. If you try to change the temperature quickly, the pilot light may go out.

Note: If you leave the knob by mistake and the pilot light vanishes, you will have to start again.

Step 8: Adjust the temperature

When you see the pilot light staying on, you can close the oven door. Now, turn the knob and set the temperature as you want.

How To Light A Gas Oven

These are the steps that you need to follow in – how to light a gas oven?

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