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How To Fix A Tap Leak? Get It Fixed With Our 5 Tips

Leaking taps is a common plumbing issue. You are bound to face it once you have lived in a house long enough. Though easily solved, it can lead to more destruction if not handled quickly. You might wonder – what damage can a little leak do we will cover all for this How To Fix A Tap Leak topic.

Well, if you keep that leak untreated, it will eventually pile up the water bills. Not only that, but you are also wasting water. Moreover, you are making your property more vulnerable to water damage. Once the water seeps into the ceiling and floors, structural damage is not too far. It is why knowing how to fix a tap leak is essential. You just need to know about the tap type and have the necessary tools.

How To Fix A Tap Leak

5 Useful Tips To Fix Leaking Taps

Repairing leaky taps is a perfect DIY project. You can do it by yourself with ease. If you are really interested in knowing how to fix a tap leak, then you can read the section below.

Locate the valves

Switching off the water supply is the most vital tip while repairing tap valve. For this, you must search the valves. These are mostly located underneath the sinks. If you can’t find them despite trying, then you can opt for turning off the mains. It is to ensure that the tap does not drip during the fixing process.

Worn caps in the hot water inlet

If you have single-handled taps, then switching them towards the hot water inlet might solve the issue. Now, if the issue is a damaged cap/cover on the cold water side, then turning it towards the cold water side might solve the problem. It is a vital tip in knowing how to fix a tap leak.

Problem with the O-ring

Now, O-ring can also be the cause of the leaky taps. To fix this, you must loosen the grub screw and remove the spout. It will allow you to see the O-ring, which is located at the base. After this, you will need scissors and a flat-head screwdriver to pull off the O-ring. The next step is to replace the worn one and put back the spout.

Damaged washers

Another reason for leaking taps can be worn washers. Sometimes, the handles become loose because of the screw which holds the valve in its place. Irregular maintenance of the washers can cause water leakage issues.

In this case, the solution is simple! You must replace the damaged washers. Also, you must ensure that the handles are tightened. When you tighten the handles, you ensure that there is compression in the valve stems. Knowing how to fix a tap leak can really help you.

Issues with the handle

The hitting of the lever onto the wall can be a reason for the leaky water taps. If you want to fix this, you must remove the handle. For that, you will need to unscrew it.

You will find the valve as a tube with damaged seals. The wall will act as an obstruction that prevents you from directing the handle in the desired direction. Now, you must rotate the handle in the counterclockwise direction and then reset it.

Here Is How To Fix a Leaking Tap Mixer?

Your tap mixer is leaking because of an old and damaged internal rubber seal or washer.  In modern days, you can also find ceramic cartridges instead of internal rubber seals, or washer in your tap. Do not forget to stop the water supply before starting to fix the leakage. You can use a wrench and pliers to open the tap head easily then you can locate the tap mixer.

To fix the leakage you have to remove this (internal rubber seal or washer or ceramic cartridges, which one is in your tap mixer) after opening the tap head and replace it with a new one. Then set the things as it was and you can check if the leak has been fixed. 

Professional Tips For How To Fix a Faucet Leak?

The typical causes for a leaky faucet include mineral deposit on the internal parts, corrosion or defective gaskets, washers, or o-rings. Depending upon the cause, you have to take the right action. In the case of corrosion or defective gaskets, washers, or o-rings you have to replace these spare parts with new. While in the case of mineral deposit on the internal parts you will have to remove the deposits manually. In both cases, you need to open the tap head and check the reason as mentioned above and apply the right action to fix your leaking faucet.

Get Professional Assistance in Fixing Leaking Taps!

Leaking taps are the kind of plumbing nuisance that needs immediate repair. If left unchecked, the problem worsens quickly. Luckily, it is quite easy to learn how to fix a tap leak. You just need to follow the instructions rigidly. However, at times, the repair may need an expert hand. It is vital to understand when to call in the professionals.

Our Team of Plumber Central Coast offers a wide range of plumbing services. Our team of certified plumbers knows how to handle different tap types. They can find the issue and start on the repair right away. You can count on us to fix your problem without any mess. Also, we use high-quality tools and charge affordable price quotes. We are open round the clock. All you have to do is call us, and we will fix the issue immediately!